The Sign Shop, Inc. has been in operation since 1978 under the same ownership. Our long list of repeat customers are a testament to our success. Over the years we have offered many types of sign services, with our sandblasted wood signs being our mainstay, but things change and we are now primarily a vinyl print shop specializing stickers and decals for hard hats and hunting clubs.


The Sign Shop was founded in the mid 70’s in Hammond, Louisiana, by an “Old Timer” who was known as “Pappy.” At that time most small town sign work was still done with sign paint brushes on signboard. Patterns and sketches were drawn by hand on paper or drawn directly on the signboard.. Sandblasted redwood signs were done the old fashioned way as well. During this time we did everything from painted signs to neon signs in malls. Many of these old signs are still doing there jobs after more than 30 years.


Things change and we no longer offer as many services, but we still pride our self in being the best at what we do, which is printing high quality decals and stickers and occasionally mixing in a sandblasted wood sign or other special project.